Embodying Emotions

I know you know the powerful relationship between emotions and physical health…and today I thought I’d check in with an Embodied Movement approach to this potent place where we can either be dragged down, or make positive change.

We humans have developed such a funky relationship with our emotions.
Over time the role of emotions has evolved.

And this past year has intensified the physical manifestations of whatever has been lurking under the surface for many of us. I have heard from so many folks that it is no longer optional to let unresolved emotions hide in their body history, that it’s TIME to address these pockets of pain. But the biggest hesitation is not knowing how to effectively do this without breaking down, because let’s face it…it was hard to begin with, and now with the year we’ve had it might just feel overwhelming.

A little human emotion history…
We used to be more intuitive and use them as a useful sense, a guide, a compass. 

Now, for most of us, between storing pain from very real life circumstances, and a culture that tells us continually in overt and covert ways to stuff ourselves, stuff down the flow of emotion in order to get stuff done, we have no idea how we feel, and so do not properly process them.

  • Emotions need to be processed.  
  • They have a flow, a beginning, middle and end.
  • They are molecular, bio-chemical, and your awareness has a LOT to do with this processing. 

When your awareness is not aligned with the truth of your emotions, the emotional experience has a funky influence on your health and sense of wellbeing. That funkiness can show up in a number of ways. Some of us have habitual modes we unconsciously slip into, and sometimes it depends on what is going down.

This funky juncture between the emotional happening and where you put your attention can be MESSY. When the emotions are sloppy and raw it can feel like a blender with the lid blown off and smoothie splattered all over the counter, the walls, and the ceiling. The mess is hard to clean up because the emotions are just everywhere. They’re choppy, hard to handle, hard to look at.

Emotions can get stuck. The process of their flow just halted as a defense mechanism to just not deal with the impact for fear of it’s consequences.

Emotions can be blocked. There may be a build up of emotional gunk and residue from previous unprocessed emotions that holds up the flow of a new emotion.

Emotions can be confusing. Sometimes the emotion you feel doesn’t quite line up with your understanding of what’s happening. When what you feel and what you are expected to feel (either from yourself or others) aren’t lined up in a “normal” way, that confusion can be disorienting.

Emotions can be overwhelming. This is one of the most common emotional experiences. Emotions are INTENSE, they are a LOT! It’s part of their nature. And because we have lost our unfiltered relationship with them, when we get hit with a big wave, we go right into overwhelm.

Emotions can feel inappropriate. Occasionally we experience an emotional reaction that feels like wires must have gotten crossed somewhere. What we feel is not at all what we “should” be feeling based on what is happening. When this happens, there can be a whole cascade of things like shame, disbelief, sabotage, and anxiety that can add pain on top of pain.
Emotions can feel unwanted. Emotions don’t show up at convenient times. They often give you a slap of dealing with the most impossible waves of feeling at the hardest times. This wishing it weren’t so adds resistance which mucks up the whole emotional process even more.

So what the heck are we supposed to do, when we, as humans, have gone so far down the rabbit hole of not relating to our own emotions? 

  • We MOVE
  • We move with awareness
  • Emotions are fluid, they NEED movement. Physical movement.

When you can get your body’s energy circulating you have a good chance at cleaning up some of the mess, shift what is stuck, dislodge a block, clear up confusion, settle the overwhelm, accept what feels inappropriate, and drop resistance to what is unwanted.

Movement literally makes room in your body, in your being for the natural flow of emotion.
When emotions can flow, process, and complete they feel true, sensory, connected, resonant, satisfying. 
Movement can even transmute emotion, it can turn nervousness into excitement, anger into empowerment, grief into compassion. 

These emotional experiences: flowing, true, sensory, moving, connected, resonant, satisfying, THESE are evidence of right relationship with emotion. 
If you are curious about how this works, and if you are at the right time and place in your life for an approach like this, then let’s have a conversation. You can book a complimentary consultation with me here:

During this powerful opportunity we will:

  • Identify the types of emotional experiences that are affecting your physical health
  • Uncover the natural pull of health, vibrancy, and vitality in your body systems
  • Create a clear plan of action for you to move forward and feel a shift

These breakthrough sessions are highly transformational in and of themselves! I LOVE hearing feedback from women after these sessions of what uplifting and deep in the bones changes have happened, usually pretty quickly!

I’d love for you to experience this!
Of course if you have a question, hit reply to email me!
I’ll get back to you ASAP!

Here’s to moving with your HONEST and MESSY emotions…Best in health,

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It’s in your nervous system

Folks have been asking me recently what the heart of the matter is with this Embodied Movement stuff, so I thought I’d share some of the good with you! 

Often folks ask…What’s the difference between this and working out or doing yoga? Or is it a hybrid modality?

Here’s the best way I can put it…

  • Embodied Movement is a method or approach that can be applied to any type of movement
  • It is a way to BE in your body with true presence, awareness, and safety
  • Embodied Movement can re-wire nervous system patterns to create new results with ease!

You know when you try to make a change in your health routines, or in your life and you just keep hitting the same loops over and over again? That’s because those patterns are wired, often below your level of consciousness in your nervous system.
That’s how you, as a human, are designed. If you didn’t run on habitual loops it would take a TON of mental energy to get ANYTHING done. It’s intelligent human design. AND it can get you super stuck.

There are many factors that influence those patterns that get embedded in your nervous system.  

You are wired to survive – not thrive (that’s a whole different level of operation!) When life starts happening and your survival gets challenged your nervous system has to reroute to adapt to the circumstances.

Things like general stress to acute trauma trip that wiring and initiate patterns that create a body armor – a protective layer that keeps you safe. This happens on the physical, emotional, and energetic layers. You can feel this as tension, pain, panic, emotional reactivity, or just a sense that something is off. Of course there are many many other ways that this could present. 

The good news is that there are ways that you can bring things up from this subconscious auto-pilot level, make changes in those nervous system patterns, and then ease back into your groove, running on new loops.

This “trick” is also built in to your human design, however it takes the ingredient of AWARENESS to use it.  

There are effective and efficient ways to facilitate this “re-wiring” – Embodied Movement is my favorite, and the way I work with my clients.

I’m sure you know this feeling – storing all your stress in your body. You probably have a way you feel this, either tension in your neck and shoulders, your jaw, your low back. Your whole life’s history is stored in your body systems from superficial to deeper layers.
Embodied Movement techniques allow you to MOVE through the layers, locate and bring hidden patterns of sabotage up to your consciousness and shape shift them.

This is often a very satisfying process because your body shape shifts too. Your body is currently molding itself around those stress, pain, and trauma patterns, when you clear those up your body takes a shape of greater strength and ease. 

While there is a methodology and system to this, it shows up uniquely for every body. To schedule a time to ask questions and learn a few key techniques just click here… It’s on me 😉

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