Conscious Body Conversations Episode 18 – Holistic Chiropractor & Professional Applied Kinesiologist Dr. Jodi Kennedy

Dr. Jodi Kennedy is the founder of Integrity Chiropractic. She is a Holistic Chiropractor & Professional Applied Kinesiologist. Over the past 18 years, Dr. Jodi has had the privilege of helping people to naturally restore their health both locally & abroad in Cambodia.

In this video Dr. Jodi will be sharing about the importance of Proprioception and how a loss of Proprioception and balance can lead to a loss of health. What is proprioception (pro·​pri·​o·​cep·​tion \ ˌprō-prē-ō-ˈsep-shən) and why should you care? Discover how proprioception can lead to loss of health in many areas. Learn easy ways to improve your proprioception & your overall well-being.

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