Conscious Body Conversations Episode 19 – Massage Therapist and Clear Beliefs Coach Sharon Okun

Sharon is a licensed massage therapist, Certified Clear Beliefs Coach & entrepreneur for the past 30 year. She received her coach certification from the International Coach Federation (ICF.) She trained at the Swedish Institute, the Center for Coaching Mastery, and at Clear Beliefs Coaching. She also received her B.S. degree in marketing from the Fashion Institute of Technology in ‘87. Sharon is uniquely positioned in the marketplace as business savvy healer and coach. She honors you for the amazing person that you are. She truly listens compassionately to your story and becomes your champion. She guides you to uncover your zone of genius. She helps you clear your limiting beliefs so that you can transform your life. As a healer, she is gentle and mindful to your body and soul. She has discovered energetic techniques that helps you release blocks, stress and stuck pain so that you can ultimately achieve your personal and business goals.

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In this episode Sharon shares with us her favorite TOYS for body & energy transformation. It’s FUN! Tune in!