Embodied Movement Training with Jessie Lucas

We are at a HUGE SHIFT in health and wellness. One that has to do with DEEP support. Emotions, nervous system, cells. We have the knowledge now that we can change our DNA. We can re-route trauma, anxiety, and depression at the level of the brain and nervous system. We can lift from depression rather than silencing it.

This is the BIG PICTURE of Embodied Movement.

But big pictures can be difficult, if not seemingly impossible to make moves on. Especially if there is stress or overwhelm. You get paralyzed, stuck, frozen, or numb and running the other way.

So what’s the first step???

We get you moving…but not in a traditional “here’s a workout, now go do it” kind of way.

Custom Movement Blueprint

Embodied Movement Training Packages are custom created to suit your unique needs. Please contact me to discover the right path for you.

This 1:1 support is a mix between having a personal trainer, private yoga instructor, and emotional intelligence coach in your back pocket.  We will blend working with your physical, emotional, and energetic bodies to re-wire nervous system patterns and free up energy stuck in your body systems that can be utilized for your vitality!

Your Embodied Movement Training Package…

In this process we will turn your body/nervous system gears to get you moving. This is intended to be a potent experience in which I will personally take you through a transformative process as well as teach you the tools to use as you continue on your own.

We will have a series of (virtual) 1:1 sessions together, in which I will guide you through decoding your body’s language of sensation and provide you with a Custom Movement Blueprint to move you forward. This experience is a powerful opportunity to receive support in reprogramming your pathways. I will teach you the tools to continue on your own.

This method is progressive. As you move, so you shall be moved…meaning shift happens! Things change, and I will walk you through the subsequent necessary adjustments in a series of fine tune and follow up sessions to keep you on track.

The Embodied Movement Training Experience includes:

Intro Packet

  • Welcome & intro to the concept of Embodied Movement – what you can expect.
  • Intake questionnaire – for you to get clear about what you want to accomplish and so I know where we are starting.
  • Posture & Mood – this is an instructional and experiential PDF about how the structure of your body influences how you feel. Think “Power Pose” only more comprehensive.
  • Embodied Movement tools to get started – so you don’t have to wait for our scheduled session you will receive some of the most tried and true techniques that are easy DIYs so you can start feeling a shift now.

Your individual (virtual) 1:1 Embodied Movement Training session

  • Review intake questionnaire or progress since last session.
  • Sensory Tracking Exercise – I will guide you through a powerful exploration into your body’s language of sensation in order to gather the data necessary to create your tailored plan moving forward.
  • Personalized assessment of your Kinesthetic Intelligence – decoding your body armor stored in sensation (tension, pain, etc.).
  • Creation of your Custom Movement Blueprint – I will give you the next movement steps to create relief and progress in the issues you set out to improve.

A summary of session and Movement Blueprint will be emailed to you so that you can utilize them moving forward.

Embodied Movement Training Packages are custom created to suit your unique needs. Please contact me to discover the right path for you.

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