Embodied Movement Training with Jessie Lucas

The Embodied Movement Method® helps people to reset old patterns stored in the layers of the body: physical, emotional, and energetic making way for empowered health.

Elements of this system: 

Increase body awareness – also known as kinesthetic intelligence 

Gently develop a physical and emotional resiliency in order to “dive into the darkness” and capture the pearls of wisdom harbored in a body’s history

Release tensions and pains, or “body armor” that have been trapping these patterns and pathways in the body’s systems

Realign physically in order to support new neuropathways and self perception

Create a custom movement blueprint: a set of beautiful, bespoke strengthening body practices which help maintain this new posture in the world 

We offer private individual support through using the Embodied Movement® Method as well as a Professional Training Program:

A skills enrichment course designed for health coaches, nutritionists, therapists, teachers, and fitness experts.

Embodied Movement® Training Professional Course

Welcome to the Embodied Movement® Training Program. Professional development for wellness, healing arts, and fitness professionals. 

This course is designed to help you integrate body awareness and simple, aligned, conscious movement practices into the incredible work you already do with your patients and clients.

In 16 weeks we will go through a process of taking body awareness to an experiential level.  You will learn and feel the opportunity to utilize the body as an ally in any healing approach.

The body stores important information that can inform so many of our daily actions, including physical body practices like (but not limited to!) exercise.

You will learn a simple method: Release, Realign, Strengthen, Refine, designed to safely navigate your “sixth sense” of kinesthetic awareness, decode the body’s language of sensation, and recommend a specific movement protocol based on this information. Take this method to your professional clientele in order to improve their results in your care.

If you are a wellness professional looking to incorporate movement and body awareness into your patient / client work, this program is designed for you.

Embodied Movement® Private Training

I help women create unique movement blueprints to positively shift health issues & draining emotional patterns, while increasing their vitality. 

Most of my clients come to me because they have tried and tried and keep hitting walls. They know that the answer isn’t in plain old workouts, and it isn’t just in mindset work, visualizations, and affirmations.  They may not know what it is, but they CRAVE an embodied experience – meaning they want to FEEL the shifts in their body.  I specialize in working with women with anxiety and trauma.  

Part personal training, part energy healer and emotional guide.  I pull from my decade and a half experience and expertise in the yoga, fitness, meditation, and bodywork fields with a focus on the nervous system. I both guide you through a physical and emotional transformational process and teach you the tools to continue this work on your own.

I LOVE working with women who KNOW they’ve got more life to live, who are harboring pain and desire to move through it, women who are ready and open to a unique approach to their health on all layers.  

We will create a Custom Movement Blueprint designed to dig deeper than your current patterns and habits and rewire your body systems for vibrant health.

Embodied Movement with Jessie Lucas


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